Sunday, October 21, 2007


I've decided to move some time ago, to

I just never got around to posting a notice in here :) The new blog is more generic, I wouldn't be starting a new blog for every new game I play..

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Been Out Here Lately

I haven't been in There lately. Part of the reason is that I finally managed to buy Kingdom of Sky expansion pack for Everquest 2. Thus, I have been basically running around in Norrath instead of over at the Tikki Islands :)

DarkEmerald only went with me into There that one single time. Since then I haven't seen her when I go in There again, not that I'm surprised or anything. As I said, I haven't gone back myself too.

During that one time DarkEmerald went back into There with me, I spent a whopping 7,000 TBux in There. You know why? Because I bought some new clothes. In the 2 years since I have left There, they have managed to come up with these new "hi-res" objects that users can make. I bought a full set of hi-res clothes, which actually are just a T-shirt and Jeans with hi-res graphics on them.

I must say though, that I look snappy in those :)

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

DarkEmerald Is Back!

Heh as luck would have it, I managed to IM DarkEmerald on Yahoo today. We talked a little and she is now downloading the new version of There.

I am doing the same too because apparently There had an update on Feb 22 (Feb 23 Singapore time) and now I need to get the patch myself too, to get into There.

I am hoping it doesn't screw up anything when I install the patch... fingers crossed...